We don’t believe in middle men, you’ll have the opportunity to talk directly with the developer. From there we’ll assess your requirements and make sure we get all the necessary details to understand your needs in order to provide accurate costings.

We use this brief to understand your key goals, your target user base, required features and your inspiration. This all feeds into the design process. We’ll also make recommendations on what you might need and will give you a breakdown of the features in plain english.

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blank computer screen drawing up ideas for wireframing and website layout


From the brief we’ll go through our wireframing process and work with you on the layout and composition of each page. Once you’re happy with this, we’ll create a prototype for your most important pages on both desktop and mobile screen resolutions.

If you have brand guidelines we’ll make sure the design is in keeping with your requirements. We welcome our clients to make revisions and value your feedback. We’ll tweak our designs in just the way you want until you’re satisfied with the result.


We’ll then build the front-end, back-end and interface using the agreed wireframes from the design process. We’ll populate the website’s content with the images, media and copy you’ve provided. We’ll also QA test it to ensure it works seamlessly.

If you’ve opted for any bespoke functionality we’ll also set this up and make sure it’s working optimally. We’ll make sure to update you on our progress throughout the build to give you piece of mind on what stage we’re at.

empty computer display computer displaying code for building a website
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Once we’ve tested your website, we’ll help you launch it. This includes consultation on the right hosting package, as well as configuring any analytics needed to drive traffic and monitor your website. We don’t just stop once your website has been deployed.

We’re also happy to provide maintenance for any issues that arise post launch. If you have opted for a CMS, We’ll provide personalised tutorial videos on how to upload new content to your new website.

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or call on 07516 859301